Santander Chair 2018 – Final Conference

Organizer: Ana Margarida Barreto, lecturer at the Department of Communication Science.
Speaker: Stephan Dahl, Social and Digital Marketing Specialist, and Professor at James Cook University, Australia.

Topic: Learning to use marketing for the Social Good: “… they just changed my life!” … are we missing the meso-level?

In the final analysis, social marketing aims to create positive behavioral changes at a societal scale. Traditionally, social marketing is mostly based on behavior change at an individual level so as to achieve social and societal outcomes within established theoretical frameworks, with a focus on intrinsic motivations and values. More and more this focus has come under question, both within the literature and in practice. However, some academics have sought to identify the exact influence of the meso-level interactions and feelings of neo-tribal belonging on individual behavior.

As part of the Santander Chair, an ethnographic study was undertaken on the role of meso-level interactions in behavioral changes in an investigation of foreigners in Portugal living an alternative, “back to the country” lifestyle. Stephan Dahl will present the results of the study and explore the significance of these interactions at the neotribal and the meso-levels so as to offer suggestions about how social marketers might use this to achieve behavioral changes at the societal level.


Who is the speaker?

Stephan Dahl is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the James Cook University in Australia. He has been named a life-fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and has published numerous scientific articles as well as the book Social Media Marketing: Theories of Digital Communications and Marketing Ethics & Society (Sage). He also co-authored Social Marketing (Pearson) and Integrated Marketing Communications (Routledge / Taylor and Francis). He is a member of the editorial boards of the International Journal of Advertising and of the Journal of Consumer Affairs.

The Santander Chair for the Human and Social Sciences was awarded to the Department of Communication Science for the first time in 2018. Stephan Dahl, in conjunction with lecturer Ana Margarida Barreto, will carry out a new research project at CIC.Digital – FCSH NOVA entitled, “Communication through social networks for sustainable behavior at alternative agricultural communities.”

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