1st Interuniversity Festival of Cinema and Knowledge – FIUCC

“Cinema and Knowledge” is the broad theme of the International and Interuniversity Festival promoted by the Department of Communication Sciences of NOVA FCSH (NOVA University of Lisbon), whose main objective is to promote the production and exhibition of films that maintain a particular relationship with science and knowledge, in its multiple disciplinary and thematic dimensions. Thus, it is intended to encourage the creation and debate around the relationship between cinema, knowledge, science, and communication.

The 1st edition of the International and Inter-University Film and Knowledge Festival, hereinafter also referred to as FIUCC, will be promoted by NOVA FCSH, will be held from 21th to 23th February 2019 in Lisbon. The Festival will be divided into two sections: a Short Film Competition (30 min. max.) and a non-competitive section. The contest prize will be awarded to the Best Film submitted.

Furthermore, the FCSH Award will be presented to the best Portuguese film of the year, within the thematic parameters of the Festival and also the Public’s Award.

Article 1 – Admission

a) Short films of up to 30 minutes duration [DG1] (including credits) that fall within the following categories, between other similar ones, shall be accepted:

  • Contemporary Philosophical debates: refugees, identity, migrations, globalization, frontiers;

  • Technology and science;

  • Science at the Laboratory;

  • Quotidian of science;

  • Great Portuguese scientists;

  • Ethics and development;

  • Audiovisual essays on scientific topics in cinema;

  • Fiction and Science; Art and Science (Bioart, Environmental Art, etc.);

  • Ethnic and linguistic diversity;

  • Others related to science and knowledge.

b) All works entered must have been completed as from January 2017.
c) Works outside the competing section must have been completed as of January 2012.
d) Non-Portuguese films must have English subtitles.
e) Selected non-Portuguese films must have an exhibition copy subtitled in English.
f) The author of any submitted work must be a student suitably enrolled in any course or degree at a higher education institution (national and international) at the time of production.
g) The productions may be captured in any format, but only the following final file formats will be accepted: MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV and MPEG.

Article 2 – Film Submissions

a) The deadline for submissions to the festival is 25th November 2018.
b) Submissions have a cost of 20 euros. Students of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa are exempt from registration fees.c) Each director may submit only one work per category.
​d) In the case of a film that is co-directed, at least one of the directors must be suitably enrolled in a higher education institution or film / audiovisual school during the production of the work.
e) Submission will be made exclusively through the online form, and the director must provide a link that permits the visualization of the short film (with subtitles in English) on a streaming website.
f) Digitized copies of the following documents should be attached to the submission form:
f.1) Proof of student (director) enrollment at the higher education establishment by the time of production of the submitted work;
f.2) Authorization`s document regarding the exhibition of the submitted work at the festival, including any activity that it promotes. The document should be signed by the persons legally responsible for the work’s submission. The party must assume the responsibility for all the related copyrights of the work;
f.3) Two frames from the audiovisual work (e.g. JPG, PNG or TIFF format with resolution of at least 300 dpi) for dissemination purposes;
f.4) Incomplete submissions (i.e. incomplete documents, missing documents submissions made after the registration deadline, etc.) will not be accepted.

Article 3 – The selection

a) The selection of the entries will be done through curators, whom shall be defined by the festival organization, which will constitute the selection jury. Jury members cannot be involved in any of the works submitted.
b) The results of the selection will be communicated through e-mail, to the address of the person responsible for each work’s registration, as well as published on the official website of the event.
c) Those persons responsible for the submitted films should send a copy of the work (preferably in High Definition) through file transfer platforms (such as: Wetransfer, Sendspace, Box and iCloud), without file compression, to the festival’s e-mail: fiuccfestival@gmail.com.

Article 4 – The prize

a) The jury will choose the Best Film in Competition section to which the FCSH Prize will be awarded, and the Best Portuguese Film.
b) The public will also be able to choose the Best Work in competition during the Festival.
c) Public and/or private institutions wishing to grant special awards to competing works, following their own criteria, should contact the Festival’s organization beforehand.

Article 5 – General rules

a) By signing the authorization for the exhibition of the submitted work, the director and/or person in charge of the submission allows the reproduction of the work both exhibition purposes during the festival and regarding other activities programmed by the organization of the event. This includes the use of segments of the submitted work for promotional efforts.
b) The Festival’s organization is not responsible for the copyrights of any images, audio or soundtrack of any work, and they are the sole responsibility of the directors of the submitted works.
c) Submitted works that do not meet the necessary requirements will be disqualified.
d) The submitted works, including those not selected, will belong to the Festival’s collection and may be included in the Festival’s program as well as exhibited in other circuits insofar as they pertain to the Festival’s partners – once authorization is given by the Festival’s committee and notification to the work’s author is sent out.
e) Cases that are not mentioned in within the rules and regulations will be analysed by the Festival’s organizing committee.
f) Any doubts regarding the regulation or the Festival should be addressed by e-mail.

Deadline: 25 de Novembro 2018
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