Marina Magalhães (2018)
Net-Ativismo: protestos e subversões nas redes sociais digitais
Lisboa: ICNOVA
Jorge Pedro Sousa (2018)
Notícias em Portugal – Estudos sobre a imprensa informativa (séculos xvi‐xx)
Lisboa: ICNOVA
Francisco Rui Cádima (2019)
Diversidade e Pluralismo nos Média
Lisboa: ICNOVA

ICNOVA has launched in its editorial area the collection ICNOVA Books for the online publication of scientific books in the area of Communication Sciences.
ICNOVA publishes free access electronic books in Portuguese and English.


The ICNOVA book collection welcomes proposals from its researchers, after opening a call that is intended to be twice a year. The proposals shall be evaluated by a commission composed of the unit coordinator of the unit (F. Rui Cádima) and two vowels (Maria Lucília Marcos e Cláudia Madeira).


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