Observatory of Diversity and Pluralism2018-11-07T11:57:18+00:00

Observatory of Diversity and Pluralism

Coordinator: Francisco Rui Cádima

Integrated in ICNOVA’s Research Group Media and Journalism, this observatory aggregates, at this moment, two ongoing research projects (DIVinTV – Diversity in Portuguese Public Television, and MPM – Media Pluralism Monitor – Monitoring Risks For Media Pluralism).

The objective of this observatory is to give future continuity to the research carried out until now in the scope of these two projects and to extend the field of intervention in this specific areas with new partnerships, both academic and with the community in general, as well as to pursue other competitive research projects in the area, both nationwide and international.

DIVinTV: http://www.icnova.fcsh.unl.pt/en/divintv-en/

MPM: http://www.icnova.fcsh.unl.pt/en/mpm-portugal-media-pluralism-monitor-monitoring-risks-for-media-pluralism-in-eu-member-states/