RED Project – Digital Educational Resources for Basic Education2018-11-03T21:44:15+00:00

RED Project – Digital Educational Resources for Basic Education

Coordination at NOVA FCSH: Paulo Nuno Vicente (iNOVA Media Lab / ICNOVA)

Under the POCH – Operational Human Capital Program, NOVA FCSH, through iNOVA Media Lab / ICNOVA, and in partnership with DGE – Directorate-General for Education, University of Aveiro, ESE of the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal and School of Arts and Humanities  of the University of Lisbon, an application has just been approved in the scope of the production of digital educational resources for Basic Education. This POCH project (POCH-04-5267-FSE-000124 – RED) will be coordinated, at NOVA FCSH, by the head of iNOVA Media Lab, Paulo Nuno Vicente. The project, which will run for three years, is aimed at the creation of digital educational resources for the Basic Education and includes a whole battery of investigations around the digital media. It mainly aims at the study, design and creation of digital educational resources for the 1st cycle, specifically in the areas of Mathematics, Portuguese Language and Natural Sciences.