Álvaro Costa de Matos apresenta a imprensa satírica e humorística e a Revista 57 em dois eventos da NOVA FCSH

Álvaro Costa de Matos, apresenta na qualidade de investigador do ICNOVA a comunicação For an Epistemology of the Satirical and Humoristic Press: an approach to the problem, na Internacional Conference Representations of the self and the other in the satiric image: From the French Revolution to today, organizada pelo IHC, que decorre na NOVA FCSH de 27 a 28 de Junho.

De 17 a 19 de Julho, o investigador participa também no Painel 6 – Reconfiguring identities in a changing world: press, journals and books since the 1950’s, da IV International Conference on Innovation, Invention and Memory in Africa, organizada pelo CHAM.
A comunicação intitulada Jornal 57 and the refoundation of the Portuguese-speaking identity: history and memory será apresentada a 19 de Julho.


Jornal 57, directed by António Quadros, debuted in May of 1957 with the subtitle of actuality, philosophy, art and science, literature, and preached a cultural eclecticism that would remain until the end of the publication in June 1962. Printed as an “independent publication of culture”, it immediately showed not only an intention of political independence from the Estado Novo but also from other movements or political groups. Jornal 57 was presented as a publication that was intended to represent an “authentic movement,” which would have as its main objective a “profound renewal of the concepts that abusively overpower the Portuguese territory”. A new program was therefore needed to free Portuguese culture from the foreign “isms” that prevailed at that time, and then to recover the “anthropo-cosmological forms in which the Spirit and Reason are particularized: the homelands.” Once this was achieved, the conditions for refounding the Portuguese-speaking identity would be met and the newspaper would be the main way to reach the ultimate goal: disseminating and inscribing the Portuguese culture movement in its public, national and colonial spheres. How this was actually done, the reactions it has generated and the results achieved are what we intend to discuss in this conference, starting from a case study, the jornal 57 – thus contributing to the study of the history of the diffusion of ideas and the reconfiguration of identities from the production and circulation of newspapers produced in Portugal in the second half of the twentieth century.

Mais info aqui: https://www.chamconference.org/2019/
E aqui, especificamente sobre o Painel 6: https://www.chamconference.org/2019/panels#7308

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