António Figueiredo Marques na Conferência International What will be?

António Figueiredo Marques, doutorando do ICNOVA, viu recentemente a sua comunicação “Parasomnia: Sleep against capitalism” aprovada na Conferência International What will be? Strategies, practices and performances in social arts, promovida pelo ICNOVA, IHA, CIEBA / FBAUL; VICARTE – FBAUL; AiRS e Museu de Arte Skövde (Suécia). O evento decorre na Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, de 21 a 22 de outubro de 2019.


Parasomnia, site-specific participatory performance by Patrícia Portela (2019), mediates an actual induction to sleep and its questioning as a human practice while retrieving its historicity. Sleep is one of the last resistance gestures against capitalised lives (Crary 2013), opening a gap for social change through the aesthetic dimension as an extension of arts in politics (Rancière 2004).

Presenting scene-frames as oil massaging and delicatessen eating, spectator’s bodily sensibilities become active, awakening empathy and unproductivity in the omnipresent speed.  Although vulnerabilities, contemplating, caring, and resting, bringing up a strength — falling asleep rouses imagination and efabulation as political acts. The capacity to fictionalise goallessly beyond a commodification of rational materiality creates ramifications and textures that expose the fantasmatic (Kristeva 1993) and gives rise to subjectivity (Penzin 2016).

The capitalism degeneration of sleep — the dimmed trace of a collective-individual experience — also results in a dangerous annihilation of Time, suspending ageing and therefore life-and-death and obliterating the first alterity: the dreaming I-other.