João Carlos Martins publica na revista Más Poder Local

O último número da revista de comunicación política e institucional  Más Poder Local  (Número 39, Noviembre 2019), inclui um artigo do doutorando do ICNOVA João Carlos Martins (Grupo de Comunicação Estratégica e Processos de Tomada de Decisão), intitulado “La Higiene Urbana en el Consejo Parroquial de las Avenidas Novas – Desde la Campaña Electoral Hasta la Implementación de la Política Pública”.

Local government in the municipalities, particularly the Parish Councils, has been promoting a series of changes in the process of formulating and implementing public policies that have a direct impact on citizens’ lives, such as urban hygiene in the public space. Based on this policy turned into a priority by the Parish Council of Avenidas Novas (JFAN), this paper draws a chronological line between the beginning of the electoral campaign in May 2017 and the current mandate, upon the fundamental importance of communication in all phases of a public policy. In a one-year period, the strategic communication used by the institution was analyzed, taking into account the communicational and political dimensions: exercise of power, legitimacy, performance and accountability (Moreno y Real, 2017). Keywords: local power; strategic communication; public policy; urban hygiene.