Parallel Parasite : Timeline Repository

Já está online a plataforma Parallel Parasite : Timeline Repository, resultado de um encontro-residência de quatro semanas, do centro de estudos da a.pass, em Bruxelas em que Silvia Pinto Coelho participou.

Parallel Parasite (ZSenne Art Lab galerie, Junho de 2018):

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Parallel Parasite : Timeline Repository

4 June-30 September 2018

Research center 18/II curated by Lilia Mestre

A month residency at ZSenne ArtLab : On Anarchiving > On Love > On Score -ing > On the spot > On presence

“Gatherings of parallel parasite platforms for practice based research in the arts > If you want to know, come!”

From the 4th till the 30th of June 2018 the a.pass Research Centre (RC) was in residency at ZSenne ArtLab and constituted itself as people met, as thematics emerged, as the environment conditioned, as the weather manifested, as the bodies formed, as toxicity persisted, as we drove ourselves towards multiplying perspectives for thinking and experiencing phenomena emerging from artistic research practices.