Visualizing data and data scraping tools | 28 fev. CAN

Prossegue na próxima sexta-feira dia 28 o Ciclo de Conferências em Ciências da Comunicação e Digital Media (NOVA FCSH – Campus de Campolide – CAN, Auditório 102).
Os investigadores do ICNOVA – iNova Media Lab – Ana Figueiras e Ilo Aguiar serão os conferencistas convidados, sendo o seguinte o programa:

14h00 – Painting a clearer picture: the importance of visualizing data – Ana Figueiras

Increasingly, data is becoming a standard aspect of decision-making, and while the data may be plentiful, the technical skills required to make it useful may not always be present. The ability to take data, understand it, process it, extract value from it, visualize it, and communicate it is going to be a hugely important skill in the coming decades. This talk addresses the importance of being able to paint a clear picture with data and the foundational aspects of communicating data, giving a comprehensive overview of the field of information visualization, and introducing its goals, techniques, and applications. We will swiftly cover the necessary knowledge to reason about the appropriate visual encoding for each given problem and to make better choices regarding issues such as color, interaction, and tools.

15h00 – Raspagem de dados: como extrair informação de documentos, sites e redes sociais – Ilo Alexandre

A key component of research work involves data access. However, it is often not easy to access information in a format that facilitates the conduct of research. Data in PDFs, for example, it’s a nightmare for those who need to combine and explore different databases. Data scraping techniques allow the researcher to extract information from documents, websites, and social networks. In this session we will introduce data scraping tools that make the investigator’s life easier.

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