Paulo Nuno Vicente co-autor de artigo publicado na JCOM 

“Science communication for social inclusion: exploring science & art approaches” é o título do artigo recentemente publicado no Journal of Science Communication – JCOM, assinado por Ana Matias (Centre of Marine and Environmental Research, University of Algarve), Andreia Dias (Calouste Gulbenkian Museum), Cláudia Gonçalves (Gulbenkian Institute of Science), Paulo Nuno Vicente (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, iNOVA Media Lab – ICNOVA) e Ana Lúcia Mena (Gulbenkian Institute of Science). O JCOM está indexado na Web of Science (Social Sciences Citation Index) e na Scopus. O artigo pode ser acedido aqui:


Engaging communities at risk of social exclusion poses a big challenge for science communicators. We schematize a framework for projects using science & art to promote social inclusion, composed of 3 phases — design, plan and collaboration; implementation; and evaluation. We present a case study that aimed to engage with a community of migrant senior women, mostly illiterate. Our findings suggest high engagement was achieved by building trust, involving emotions, choosing a relatable topic and following participatory practices. Inclusive activities occurred on the short-term, but for medium-term impact, community insiders need to be regarded as a second audience.

Matias, A., Dias, A., Gonçalves, C., Vicente, P. N. and Mena, A. L. (2021). ‘Science communication for social inclusion: exploring science & art approaches’. JCOM 20(02), A05.