Blackbox Team at the 8th Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies: “Gesture and Diversity”

The researchers of BlackBox project will be participating in the 8th Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies, to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, July 4-8, 2018. This edition of the conference will be dedicated to the thematic “Gesture and Diversity”.

BlackBox/ICNOVA researchers will present the following communications:

Interplay of choreographic decision-making and bodily communication between choreographer and dancer, by Ana Rita Fonseca and Carla Fernandes. This study aims at uncovering the decision-making processes underlying dance composition from the perspective of neuroscience, therefore gaining a better grasp about the intentions and emotions that are being communicated between choreographer and dancer.

Iconicity and gesture reduction: A study on marking in dance, by Vito EvolaCarla Fernandes, and Stephan Jürgens
Creating sense with nonsense: Pervasive use of iconic co-vocalized gestures in artistic settings, by Joanna Skubisz
DynAVis: Visualizing Static Multimodal Annotations in a Dynamic Virtual Environment, by Rafael KuffnerVito Evola and Cláudia Ribeiro

The conference is organised by the International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS), an interdisciplinary group of researchers including anthropologists, cognitive scientists, computer scientists, linguists, neuroscientists, psychologists, and semioticians, which every two years convokes a major international conference to share perspectives on the study of gesture and bodily communication.
This first conference on gesture on the African continent will focus on the rich diversity of human gestural communication, examining the wide range of linguistic and cultural phenomena and other factors that influence and shape gestural diversity.
More information on the 8th ISGS conference:

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