Tourism and Creative Industries in debate at FCSH NOVA

July 1-3, FCSH NOVA will host the second edition of the international conference TOCRIA (Tourism and Creative Industries’ Academic Association).

TOCRIA is a project of ITRACOTUR (Initiative for Knowledge Transfer for Online Promotion of Tourism) and it brings together specialists from a wide spectrum of fields including tourism, entrepreneurship, public policy, business, marketing, communications, social media, and education. It is the product of a partnership between the Communications Institute of NOVA (ICNOVA) and Media XXI, publisher, the Portuguese Press Association for Porto and the North (APIMPRENSA), the Euro-Asia Tourism Studies Association, and the Portuguese Association for Tourism Studies (APTUR).

Following upon the success of the 2017 edition in Porto, the conference is back this year to take up once again those important issues that were discussed last year and that are still the topics of the day:

  • How can tourism and creative industries come together to increase their competitive advantage?
  • How can tourism use creative products to add value?
  • What opportunities and challenges can be identified to boost these sectors?
  • How can academia help innovate, create, and transfer knowledge so as to enrich creative tourism?

This conference headlines several specialists including João Palmeiro (President of the Google Innovation Fund and President of the Portuguese Press Association), Paulo Faustino (Coordinator of ITRACOTUR and professor at the University of Porto), Francisco Rui Cádima (Director of the Communications Institute of NOVA, the Center for Research in Communication, Information and Digital Culture, and professor at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences at the New University of Lisbon), Sérgio Guerreiro (Director of Knowledge Management at Tourism of Portugal and President of the OECD Tourism Committee), Eli Noam (Director of the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI) and Rosário Mira (Auditor of the World Tourism Organization and professor at the Superior School of Communications of Coimbra).

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