4th Young Researchers Meeting – Call for Posters

The SOPCOM Young Researchers’ WG invites all students and researchers in the field of Communication Sciences to submit contributions to be presented in poster format during the 4th Young Researchers Meeting. The Meeting will be held on October 11 and 12 at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, with the theme “Research in Communication Sciences in the Digital Age”.

The intention of the WG with this call for contributions is to stimulate the participation of young researchers, contributing to the exchange of experiences and to access to discussions that qualify the academic work.

Abstracts submitted by Master, PhD and / or Post-doctoral students of the areas adjacent to the Communication Sciences will be accepted for abstracts. Abstracts must have up to 500 words and can be written in Portuguese, Spanish and / or English. The proposals should contain title, justification, objectives, methodology and the indication of some results of the study. Three to five keywords should also be entered.

In addition, the abstracts should preferably fall within the following themes of the communication studies: Cyberculture; Information Science; Communication and Education; Communication and Policy; Intercultural Communication; Organizational and Institutional Communication; Visual Culture; Communication Economics and Policies; Film Studies; Television Studies; Gender and Sexuality; History of Communication; Journalism and Society; Publicity; Radio and Sound Media; Rhetoric; Semiotics.

Proposers who have abstracts accepted afterwards will have to present the work in poster format during the Meeting. All characteristics of the format will be reported when communicating the results of the evaluations.

Abstracts should be sent in Word format to the email encuentrogtjovensinvestigadores@gmail.com until July 31, 2018. It is requested that the abstract document does not have any type of identification of the author (s), and this information is inserted in the body of the message:

  • Name (s) of Author (s)
  • Institutional bond
  • Email
  • Which scientific domain where the abstract fits (see listing above).

Authors will be informed of the acceptance of their abstract by August 15, 2018.

In addition to the presentation of the posters, the Young Investigators Meeting will count on the participation of senior researchers in lectures and workshops, as well as working sessions with oral presentations. All the programming will be announced soon.

More information can be found on the Young Investigators WG website: https://gtjovensinvestigadores.wordpress.com/encontro-de-jovens-investigadores/

Doubts or question can be sent to the WG’s email: gtjovensinvestigadores@gmail.com

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