ICNOVA researchers publish an analysis of the Iberoamerican Cultural Space

Francisco Rui Cádima, Luís Oliveira Martins and Ricardo Neves have just published the article “Delays and asymmetries in the development of ICT: for an Ibero-American knowledge society that is sustainable, plural and inclusive”. It appeared in the Informe sobre El Estado de la Cultura en España y el Espacio Cultural Iberoamericano (Editor: Enrique Bustamante), pp. 75-86. It is a work of the Observatory of Culture and Communication and was published by the Fundación Alternativas de Madrid.

Abstract: The development of a knowledge society brings obvious advantages to countries, but it also entails significant risks of disequilibrium and inequality in each society and at the international level. While the Ibero-American case has seen important progress in this sense, there remain great gaps between countries, noticeable delays, and internal inconsistencies. International digital agendas and programs of cooperation for Latin American countries and Europe constitute a good opportunity for progress in this field.

Retrasos y asimetrías en el desarrollo de las TIC

Link to the article here.

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