Maria Augusta Babo presents “The Other is Me” at the UN to António Guterres

Last Aug. 29, Maria Augusta Babo, professor at the Communication Sciences department of NOVA FCSH and an ICNOVA researcher, was in New York to present to the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, the project “The Other is Me”, that won the national ideas competition of National Center of Culture.

Collaborative Platform – The Other Is Me

Coordination: Maria Augusta Babo

Support: CNC – Portuguese National Center of Culture

This project was the winner of the 2018 CNC contest “Let’s Change the World” and was recently (September 2018) presented to the UN Secretary-General António Guterres. The prize has been awarded to this idea to change the world based on the exploration of the philosophical and political implications of the injunction: The Other Is Me.

The proposal consists in the creation of a virtual platform of diffusion, replication and adaptation of micro-experiences in the community the most varied and creative. Such experiences, recorded in video or other digital forms, can thus be disseminated and, consequently, implemented elsewhere and by other actors.

The aim is to set up a network of “good collaborative practices”, admitted by a Committee established for this purpose and with recognized legitimacy to evaluate them. In the meantime, these exemplary community experiences will circulate on a global scale through the mobilization of spontaneous communities or humanitarian, educational and cultural associations.


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