Digital Parenting: new book of Cristina Ponte, Giovanna Mascheroni & Ana Jorge

Digital Parenting. The Challanges for Families in the Digital Age is the Clearinghouse Yearbook of 2018. The book addresses the challenges and opportunities faced by parents in digital times taking into account multiple levels of digital penetration among families from different social classes and regions across the world.

The book is organized along three sections: Digital parenting in context; Parental mediation in practice; and Challenges, risks and opportunities of digital media for parents and children. The articles illustrate the diverse opportunities, constrains and tensions that digital media pose to parenting and family life, encourage further debates, and suggest future policies. As all Yearbooks, the 2018 edition reaches out to a variety of readers, including professionals in the field as well as NGOs and other policy makers.

Editors are Giovanna Mascheroni, Cristina Ponte & Ana Jorge.

Read Digital Parenting. The Challanges for Families in the Digital Age in full. 

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