Teresa Sofia Castro, Visiting Research Fellow at University of Suffolk (UK)

Teresa Sofia Castro is a post-doctoral researcher at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (ICNOVA) developing a longitudinal study with families (in Portugal and England) with 0-8 year old children about the role of digital screens in everyday life context. This study is funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology.

She holds a European PhD in Educational Technology (University of Minho, Portugal). Her doctoral research: ““It’s a complicated situation”. Harm in everyday experiences with technology. A qualitative study with school-aged children”, was funded by Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. As part of the doctoral degree, she did a research period at University of Suffolk (UK) with the supervision of Doctor Emma Bond. Holds a Master Degree in Child Studies – Information and Communication Technologies at University of Minho. A degree in Philosophy and Humanities from the Portuguese Catholic University.

More info: https://www.uos.ac.uk/people/teresa-castro

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