José Marques-Photographer exhibition at the D. Maria II National Theater

José Marques: Photographer in the Scene exhibition is open until June 28, 2020 at the D. Maria II National Theater. The exhibition aims to get a frst glimpse into the work of this Portuguese theatre photographer, highlighting the unique character of his work, identifying his work process and celebrating some of the many portraits and performance photography that remain alive in the collective imagination, particularly his work in collaboration with the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (TNDM II). The modernity of his work, applying such concepts as dramaturgy of the image, cinematography, scene fragmentation or the photographer on stage, allows us to look at theatre photography per se and refect on its role and discursive capacity.

This exhibition is curated by Filipe Figueiredo, the Center for Theater Studies (University of Lisbon), and by the researchers of ICNOVA Cláudia Madeira and Teresa Mendes Flores.

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