NOVA Photofilm won Brand New Competition in IndieLisboa.

The documentary short film Estas Mãos São Minhas by André Miguel Ferreira won Brand New Competition in IndieLisboa.

The film was produced during the NOVA Free Course that was created and lectured by Luís Mendonça (ICNOVA researcher) with director Luís Miguel Correio in the past month of January: Photofilm: photography as a filmic narrative.

The prize was given by a jury composed of Frederico Serra, Pandora da Cunha Telles and Wouter Jansen. The jury wrote:

“The tone of the script and the pace of the editing pulls us into the director’s poetic documentary which starts as an observation of a daily routine told through still photography, but soon becomes an emotional reflection on growing old, overcoming loneliness and personal fears. The prize of Novíssimos goes to a love letter to a grandmother: Estas Mãos São Minhas by André Miguel Ferreira.”

More informations here.

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