Call for papers: Communication in the public sphere hyperconnected and the paths to democracy – RCL n. 51 (Autumn/Winter)


Dr. João Pissarra Esteves (ICNOVA – UNL)
Dr. Tiago Mainieri (UFG – Brasil)

It is open until Jully 20 the call for papers for Journal of Communication and Languages nº51 a thematic number about “Communication in the public sphere hyperconnected and the paths to democracy”, that will be edited by João Pissarra Esteves (ICNOVA- UNL) and  Tiago Mainieri (UFG – Brasil).

The Internet can reinforce democratic forms of life and, in particular, a more demanding democracy, such as the one that the deliberative model conceives, as a result of the  extraordinary communicational potential of this technology, both to process and provide information to citizens, and to promote social interaction and debate on this information. However, it is not every kind of interaction on the Internet that translates into something relevant to politics and democracy. The interaction provided by the Internet coupled with its informational potential can become a communication and political mechanism of deliberation when it is supported by levels of effective citizen participation in political life.

Peter Dahlgren, Lincoln Dahlberg, Andrew Feenberg, and Christian Fuchs are just a few examples of authors who have studied the role of social media and the online citizen participation, from which it is possible to undertake a qualified discussion about communication in the connected public sphere. The possibilities of citizen participation envisaged from the network society re-signify and reshape the contours of public communication in the context of a plural and enlarged public sphere – it is the discussion that we propose here, both theoretically and empirically.

To address these issues, we are expecting researchers from communication field or related areas; indicating the following areas of study:

– Communication and democracy,

– Communication and digital citizenship,

– Political communication,

– Communication, public sphere and citizen participation by the internet,

– Public communication,

– Net-activism.

The articles will be subject to blind peer review and should be sent, with strict observance of the journal rules of submission, through the OJS platform until July 20th, 2019.

Conditions for submission and Instructions to authors:

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