ICNOVA: R&D Unit evaluated with “Excellent” by FCT

As part of the process of Evaluation of R&D Units initiated by FCT in 2017/2018, ICNOVA – NOVA Institute of Communication, has just been classified by the panel of international evaluators in the area of Communication Sciences as an “Excellent” R&D unit. We remember that the panel was integrated by Nathalie Fenton (Chair) from Goldsmith University of London, United Kingdom; Barbie Zelizer, from Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania, USA; Greg Elmer, from Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada; Paula Chakravartt, from New York University, USA; and Sarah Banet-Weiser, from London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom.

These last years were for the researchers of the CIC.Digital FCSH Pole years of intense work. At the end of 2017, we approved the creation of the NOVA Institute of Communication (ICNOVA), which became the reference research center in the area of Communication Sciences at NOVA FCSH. And at the beginning of 2018 we were submitting the application of ICNOVA as a new research unit in the area of Communication Sciences to the FCT call.

Our long journey now has the end of all desired, in line with the excellent quality of our team, with all the work done in the evaluation period (2013-17), and with the important objectives for the area of our strategic plan for the coming years (2020-2023).

The challenges we face are thus the highest. We will naturally face the next four years with more confidence and with better conditions than we have had so far, so this will undoubtedly be a new phase in which ICNOVA researchers will surely continue to invest their best in consolidating this new unit of R&D of NOVA FCSH.

For consultation of the Provisional Results of 2017/2018 R&D Unit Evaluation Results:

– R&D Units 2017/2018 Evaluation – Provisional Results (only in portuguese)


– Preliminary Final Report from the Evaluation Coordination Team (only in portuguese)


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