ICNOVA has opened a selection process for a researcher / doctorate

ICNOVA has opened a competition for a researcher / Phd holder to take part in the project “Political Participation Networks on Facebook in Portugal” PTDC / COM-CSS / 28269/2017.PhD

The research project coordinated by Jorge Martins Rosa, NOVA FCSH and NOVA Communication Institute (ICNOVA) researcher “aims to characterize the communication activities of unofficial political actors on the online social networking platform Facebook. The communications of the subjects selected to make up the corpus will be monitored and analyzed over a period including the 2019 European Parliamentary and Portuguese legislative elections, as well as a control period.
The data will initially be analyzed by digital methods and network analytical tools, followed by netnography and content analysis in the search for a reliable picture of the online activity regarding political issues in Portugal.

The selected researcher will join the project team and contribute to scientific research, knowledge management and dissemination by way of the following responsibilities: training in digital methods; data retrieval and monitoring; network analysis; content analysis; and publication of results. | + info