Renato Teixeira participated in the 2nd edition of the Dia de Jornalismo e Estudos Mediáticos

This investigator read a paper entitled “Ligações das Agências de Notícias portuguesas com o poder político” at the 2nd edition of the Dia de Jornalismo e Estudos Mediáticos, 19 July, at Fernando Pessoa University, in Porto, Portugal. This series of seminars, reflections and debates about journalism and the media was organized by Jorge Pedro Sousa, Coordinator of the Journalism and Media Studies Specialization of the Doctorate in Information Sciences at Fernando Pessoa University and ICNOVA researcher. The series brought together the PhDs holders, doctoral students, postdocs, former postdocs and lecturers in the Journalism and Media Studies program of the doctoral and postdoctoral program in Information Science at Fernando Pessoa University.