Daniella Miranda at INTERCOM

Doctoral student Daniella Miranda will participate in the 42º Congresso Brasileiro de Ciências da Comunicação – INTERCOM, 2-7 September in Belém, Brazil, with a paper entitled “Semioses das ocupações: o corpo como significante flutuante no exercício performativo de ocupar as ruas.”

Abstract: We propose a movement of occupying public spaces as agencies of networks-streets-bodies. Our discussion focuses on the body as a floating signifier and on the performance of bodies in the streets, as a univocal signifier that emerges from these modes of resistance.

We will deal mainly with the notions of the floating signfier of José Gil, the agency and non-corporeal transformation of Deleuze and Guattari, and Judith Butler’s performativity in the politics of the street

The status of fluctuating signifier allows us to highlight the body’s ability to capture signs, to inscribe them within themselves and to produce regimes of semiotization such as those of incorporeal transformations, the struggle for apparition, ephemeral temporality, anonymity and transindividuation, which constitute, from the communications’ perspective, a powerful network of semioses.