ICNOVA to be represented at the 12th Screenwriting Research Network (SRN) International Conference 12-14 September

Luís Frias, PhD student at NOVA Communication Institute, will read a paper entitled “Affective Narrative Design: Emotion as a path for complex cinematic systems” at the School of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University, in Porto, Portugal, 12- 14 September.


In the actual transition from an object-oriented to a systems-oriented culture, the aesthetics of cinematic narrative is being re-defined by the language of  its contemporary digital expressions. Complexity is one of these main characteristics and challenges, bringing to the production of cinematic objects, but also to its experience by the audience, a necessary interdependence between the aspects of narrative, design and the digital systems that support their fabrication and convey the experience of the media content.
In this essay we will propose a conceptual affective design system based in narrative components and patterns derived from Hogan (2011) and his affective narratology structures. The final goal of this research is to design a more organic and fluid narrative system that connects and guides the user’s choice with relatable emotional events in the narrative path.