Ana Margarida Barreto and Diogo Ramalho have published in the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing

ICNOVA researchers have published the article “The Impact of Involvement on Engagement with Brand Posts” in the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing. The article analyses the effects of different levels of engagement (high and low) on the relationship of social media (Facebook) users (likes, shares and comments) to branded posts with different content types and formats. The data suggest that, when engagement is low, users generally engage more with branded publications, regardless of format (text, image and publication) or type (hedonic and informative), or even their interaction. Moreover, low engagement leads users to prefer commenting on branded content, while higher engagement is associated with higher levels of sharing. Exceptions were observed for image-based posts (hedonic and informative) and for hedonic images and videos from low and high involvement users. | + info