ICNOVA researchers have published a book chapter on ethics in the media regarding coverage of the Pedrógão Grande fires

Marisa Torres da Silva, Carla Baptista and Jorge Pedro Sousa have contributed a chapter to the book Periodismo y Disasters, edited by Márcia Franz Amaral and Carlos Lozano Ascensio (Editorial UOC, Barcelona) which was recently published.

The chapter is entitled “Ética periodística en la cobertura mediática del incendio de Pedrógão Grande (Portugal) el verano de 2017” and it seeks to recreate and reflect on two cases in which journalism itself was news. Firstly, there was the TVI report which led to a disciplinary process against the journalist Judite de Sousa and an inquiry regarding the performance of the television station by the Committee on the Journalistic Profession and the regulatory body for Social Communications, respectively. Moreover, the headlines of the newspapers Expresso and I during the month of July 2017, suggested that the government had attempted to conceal the true number of casualties in the tragedy, at a time when the rumors, the contradictions and the use of uncreditable sources attracted considerable media attention.