“90 Segundos de Ciência” has won the 2019 Gulbenkian Knowledge Award

The radio programme, “90 Seconds of Science”, an initiative of NOVA FCSH and ITQB NOVA, has won the Gulbenkian Knowledge 2019 Prize with an award of 50,000 €.
The program has been on the air since November 2016 and features a daily profile of one Portuguese scientist in just 90 seconds. It is directed by António Granado, Paulo Nuno Vicente and Joana Lobo Antunes, NOVA FCSH faculty, and ICNOVA researchers. The production team includes Adriano Cerqueira who is responsible for interviews and production, Luís Morgado, the ITQB NOVA designer, and Paulo Castanheiro, doctoral student at NOVA FCSH and sound designer.
More than 660 episodes have been broadcast, twice daily: at 10:58 am and 6:58 pm, always on Portuguese radio channel, Antena 1. Novartis and Santander Universities are the sponsors.