ICNOVA collaborates with CITI on European FACT CHECKING project

NOVA FCSH’s CITI – Interactive Technologies Research Center has just won, with several European universities, a European Erasmus Plus project that will develop skills and empower media and education professionals to identify, prevent and combat fake news and misinformation. ICNOVA will collaborate on this project within the framework of its partnership agreement with CITI.

Project title: FACT Checking European cooperation project on fact checking training. Empowering current and future media and education professionals, to identify, prevent, and combat disinformation (fake news) spread over digital networks.

Funding: ERASMUS PLUS Program – KA203 – Strategic Partnerships for higher education.

Principal Investigator (PI): Irene Tomé (CITI).

Total budget: 425.000 EUR; NOVA FCSH Budget: EUR 106,000.

Abstract: The project aims to meet the need for new skills that media and education  professionals must acquire in order to be able to understand the multidisciplinary nature  of the disinformation (fake news) issue, and how it affects the exercise of their current or future professional activity in news media companies, in media departments of public  or private organizations, or in educational environments.