ICNOVA at ERGA Academy Strategy Session

Luís Oliveira Martins will attend the next ERGA Academy Strategy Session to present a paper on the theme “Pluralism and media concentration – the Portuguese case”, which will address topics such as diversity, pluralism, transparency and media concentration in Portugal, based on studies and projects developed at ICNOVA (with F. Rui Cádima, Carla Baptista and Marisa Torres da Silva) and also at ERC (Transparency of the Media). ERGA Academy Strategy Session: External Media Plurality – New Challenges for Regulation. Brussels, December 9th 2019.

Media pluralism is one of the most important topics in the current media policy debates, because of the acknowledged importance of a diversity of voices and views for the functioning of a democratic society. This has been also reflected in the priorities of ERGA for the last two years: first by preparing a first of its kind comprehensive overview of existing measures in the area of internal plurality in 2018 and in 2019 by its unique work on assisting the Commission to monitor the implementation of the commitments by signatories to the Code of Practice on Disinformation and to assess it´s overall effectiveness. 

But as indicated in the 2019 ERGA work programme also the area of external plurality should be explored „in order to complete the 2018 report by looking at available measures as transparency of media ownership, rules on media concentration must carry and must offer” including by „exchanging information with researchers working in this field”. That is why the aim of the ERGA strategic session is to bring together some the key academic voices to provide their understanding of the main challenges (including the current trends, impact of the global players and chalanges of the online world) of today in the context of external media plurality. Building up on top of this the role for national regulatory authorities (NRAs) and their possible contribution to tackling of these challenges will be explored. This debate could look at the following questions: why is it important that more NRAs in Europe would get into their scope the issue of plurality? Should this also include other than only the audiovisual media? Is there a need for new aproaches? How to cooperate internationally? 


15:00 Panel discussion: External plurality 
Moderated by: Ciaran Kissane (BAI)

  • Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Oxford University, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism: Accessing news in Europe Today – current trends and future threats
  • Maja Capello, EAO (TBC): Media ownership – Market realities and regulatory responses 
  • Elda Brogi, CMPF: Media Pluralism Monitor – the next generation and meeting the challenges of an online world
  • Deirdre Kevin: impact of global players on media pluralism in small markets – based on research done for BAI
16:30 Coffee break
16:45 Panel discussion: Role for NRAs – case studies
Moderated by: Maja Capello (EAO)

  • Edmund Lauf, CvdM: MediaMonitor – what kind of new approach would be needed and why a stronger focus on functions of media instead of types of media outlets would be preferable 
  • Additional case study: (TBD)
  • prof. Luís Oliveira Martins et al., NOVA University of Lisbon: Pluralism and media concentration – the Portuguese case
17:50 Concluding remarks (Tobias Schmid, DLM)
18:00 End of strategic session