F. Rui Cádima joins the SHP Selection Committee (University of Barcelona)

The PI of ICNOVA is Member of the SHP – Serra Húnter Programme Selection Committee – University of Barcelona (2nd call 2018 – UB-LE-7005 – Audiovisual Communication). The SHP is a tool at the service of the Catalan university system, jointly promoted by the Government of Catalonia and the seven Catalan public universities (the University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Technical University of Catalonia, Pompeu Fabra University, the University of Lleida, the University of Girona and Rovira i Virgili University). The SHP has been designed to promote the hiring of professors with consolidated academic records, comparable to international standards, by the aforementioned universities. It is also an instrument that aims to make the renewal of faculty easier for universities, to foster internationalisation and to improve academic production.