Fátima Lopes Cardoso authors the preface to the book 30 Anos de Fotografia / [30 Years of Photography] published by PÚBLICO.

ICNOVA researcher Fátima Lopes Cardoso is the author of the preface to a commemorative volume celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Portuguese newspaper PÚBLICO that was launched on the paper’s founding day, March 5th and is now available for sale. The work is the result of an exhaustive curation of the most significant photographs of the last three decades by the PÚBLICO photojournalist corps that is recognized for having changed the panorama of Portuguese photojournalism.

Published with four different covers, which are for sale in “Público” stores, the work brings together 506 photographs that immortalize some of the most important moments in the history of the country and the world. “À procura do melhor sentido estético, do olhar cúmplice do elemento humano, da singularidade do momento ou como tentativa de ser testemunho da História, o livro dos 30 anos do PÚBLICO reorganiza a desordem dos dias que o jornalismo e, em particular, a fotografia têm a missão de condensar”, in prefácio.