Maria do Carmo Piçarra has published an article in (OBS *) Observatory

This ICNOVA researcher wrote the article entitled “Imagining Angola: The birth of a nation on cinema”. The article was published in the last issue of (OBS *) Vol 14, No 1 (2020), a magazine indexed in Scopus. The work seeks to understand whether there is such a thing as Angolan cinematography, forty years following the country’s independence and an investment that aimed to place cinema at the service of a national political and cultural program. The article is available in open access here:

Imagining Angola: the birth of a nation on cinema


Forty years after Angola’s independence and an initial investment aimed at putting cinema at the service of a national political and cultural program, is there an Angolan cinematography? Among those who think that José Mena Abrantes is, that, in Angola, o nascimento de uma nação. Vol. 3 O cinema da independência, entitled the chapter of its authorship “Angolan cinema. A past with the forever postponed future “. But if the memory of the cinema of the pioneers, who was born, with the nation, from a cultural policy designed by Luandino Vieira, and the start of the millennium continue to make believe in a future for this cinematography, the self-appointed “cinema da poeira [dust cinema] “- or “ghetto cinema”- which has Nollywood as a model, can now be thought of as the dominant form of expression for film production in Angola?

Keywords: Angolan Cinema, Cultural policie, “dust cinema”; Luandino Vieira, Ruy Duarte de Carvalho