Ana Margarida Barreto penned an article in Revista Prisma Social [Social Prism Journal]

Issue nº 28 of Revista Prisma Social (1st quarter of 2020), with the theme “Social Networks and Communicative Phenomena: application, analysis and research methodologies” includes an article by Ana Margarida Barreto – NOVA FCSH professor and coordinator of the ICNOVA Strategic Communication IG, entitled “Measuring brand equity with social media”. This is a Scopus indexed journal.

The article is available through open access here:


The  main  purpose  of  this  paper  is  to  suggest  a  consumer-based  brand  equity  (CBBE)  model  that   takes into account new ways of interaction between  brands and consumers on social media, to propose its  simple,  valid  and  parsimonious  measurement  scale  and  to  assess  if  and  how  differently  brands  are  perceived  when  consumers  are  exposed  (or not) to their participation on Facebook.

The scale was applied to 361 consumers that follow a specific brand on Facebook and consumers that don’t, in order to understand if differences can be found on brand equity between consumers. Hence, three groups of  consumers of  the  same  brand  were  considered  and  their  reactions  to  brand  compared:  consumers  that  follow  the  brand  on Facebook; consumers that do not follow the brand on Facebook, although they are Facebook users; and consumers that do not use Facebook.

Findings   suggest   that   for   brand   followers   on Facebook the brand had better results on brand image, brand loyalty, and brand relationship than for the other two groups. No statistically significant difference was found on brand image, brand loyalty, and brand relationship between people that do not follow the brand on Facebook (whether or not they use it) in the same variables



Brand equity; marcas; medición; social media