Media & Jornalismo on “Innovation in the media and in the creative industries”

Number 36 of the journal Media & Jornalismo has just been launched, dedicated to the theme “Innovation in the media and in the creative industries”.

This edition of the ICNOVA journal was in charge of António Granado, Dora Santos Silva e Paulo Nuno Vicente, who in the introductory note mention the importance of thinking about the media and the creative industries within the field of innovation. “Just by this new combination – creativity and technology – we can already talk about innovation”, they explain.

Editors also remember that “innovation in the media is not a recent practice”, but the evolution of digital technologies led to a disruption, reinventing the entire industry in the first 20 years of the XXI century.

Analyzing these transformations is a challenge for academia and for this edition of Media & Journalism, over ten articles, “while creating memories of times that will soon give way to others”.

The journal is available in open access here.