‘Science for Society – Visual storytelling in science dissemination’. Free online Sci-Vi Conference

On the 27th of November, Friday, the Viborg (Dk) based Sci-Vi is organizing its 4th conference to facilitate knowledge exchange and networking between researchers and visual storytellers. 

Sci-Vi is an ongoing initiative since 2017 seeking to explore and unfold science dissemination as a field, to improve science communication and focus on science productions through visualization and animation. It is a partnership between The Animation Workshop/VIA University College, Viborg Municipality, The Creative Industry Cluster Arsenalet and Aalborg University. The initiative will strengthen the cooperation between scientists and visual storytellers, and investigates potentials and possibilities in a broad community. Sci-Vi cultivates community, knowledge exchange, professional and academic matchmaking, initiates research and development within the field. The conference brings together researchers, animators and visual storytellers to discuss, exchange knowledge and learn from state-of-the-art case studies and research projects.

One of the co-organizers and this year’s speaker, Ágota Végső is currently enrolled in the Digital Media PhD studies at NOVA FCSH/ICNOVA. At the conference she will talk about her and her team’s experience to collaborate with TED-Ed especially focusing on the 2020 animated educational video lectures about climate.

For registration and more information about the Sci-Vi Conference, visit the following link: https://www.animationsfestival.dk/en/professions/#/event/sci-vi-conference