Cfp: Journal Media e Jornalismo (Vol. 21 N.º 39 – 2021) Journalism in contemporary history

Editors: Carla Baptista (ICNOVA/NOVA FCSH) and Jorge Pedro Sousa (ICNOVA/UFP)
Deadline: March 30, 2021

The journal Media e Jornalismo, edited by ICNOVA, is accepting full scientific articles focused on the history of journalism, from a broader and transmedia perspective. We encourage the submission of original articles with a historical perspective on journalism or whose focus is on problematizing historical research about journalism, from a methodological point of view. The view of journalism as an actor in history and the theoretical issues arising from the mediatization of history are areas of research relevant to this edition. The media as builders of collective memories and the journalistic outcomes generated around strong, “painful” memories or resulting from historical trauma and expiation processes, are valued in this call. The history of the profession, journalistic institutions,  companies, and journalists, in Portugal and in the world, preferably from a relational, cultural, and critical perspective, with a focus on the contemporary history of journalism (XIX and XX century onwards) are relevant for publication within the scope of this issue.

More generic historical questions, as long as they are articulated with journalism and the media, such as the history of censorship, of media regulation, the digital, of the technologies and innovation processes, the journalistic coverage of politics, of celebrities, the dynamics and institutionalization of journalistic values, elections coverages, trends and changes in journalistic narratives and the preservation of journalistic outputs themselves, are also research topics which for discussion. The articles must be rigorous original, contain a clear explanation of the main problem, the theoretical framework, and the methodology. Articles with the inclusion of empirical results, with critical analysis and capable of contributing to sustained interpretations of more general phenomena based on specific case studies and time frames, are valued. The articles will be subject to a first evaluation by the coordinators of the issue and by the editorial board of the journal, to assess their suitability for the objectives of the call. The selected papers will later be sent to blind scientific review. Only articles that comply with the submission rules, collect favorable opinions from reviewers will be published and, if proposals for improvement are suggested, these should be accepted and carefully implemented. Authors can consult the submission rules for the journal Media and Journalism at