A special edition of the Introductory Audiovisual Workshop at the Technical University of Berlin

Since February 3, a special edition of the Introductory Workshop for the GCSMUS Project (Global Center of Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability) of the Technical University of Berlin has been ongoing coordinated by Professor Dr. Katleen De Flander and under the direction of lecturers Dr. Nina Baur and Dr. Angela Million.

The workshop sessions will take place in a 100% virtual setting and will connect participants from Germany and several countries of the global South (Egypt, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mongolia, Argentina, Nigeria, Morocco, Indonesia, India, Chad, Serbia, Iran, Brazil and Mexico), working in different areas of knowledge such as Architecture and Urbanism, Environmentalism and Sustainability, Sociology, Anthropology and Geography. Outside the virtual sessions, participants are expected to organize themselves in groups with the purpose of producing and presenting a short film of their own to be published on the websites and Youtube channels of the institutions involved.

The project of audiovisual workshops has been developed since 2016 by the Audiovisual Production and Research Center – NUPEPA/ImaRgens in partnership with LAPS/USP, and since 2020, in partnership with ICNOVA, under the guidance of Professor Carla Baptista of ICNOVA and coordination of PhD students Allan Ferreira and Ana Carolina Trevisan, from the course of Communication Sciences at NOVA.

The Introductory Audiovisual Workshop is regularly offered to researchers, students and professors in the humanities areas and aims to offer the participants technical and theoretical introductory/fundamental content to enable the production of their own films in digital format. Regular editions take place up to twice a year in Portuguese language in face-to-face and/or virtual formats.

To learn more about this project and future editions of the Workshop, visit the ImaRgens website: https://www.imargens.com.br , or the NUPEPA/ImaRgens pages on social networks:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/imargensusp

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nupepa_imargens/