Call for Project Grants in all Scientific Domains

FCT has issued a Call for Applications for all scientific areas. Applications are being accepted from January 28 to March 10, 2021.

This program has 75 million euros at its disposal to finance two types of projects:

  • Sixty millon euros are allocated to financing scientific research and technological development projects (IC&DT) lasting 36 months and with a 250,000 euro/project funding limit;
  • eighteen-month exploratory research project grants (PeX) are available in the amount of 50,000 euros/project, as financed by a budget of 15 million euros.

This subdivision into two project types is an innovation in the Call for Applications for all scientific areas, which has come in response to suggestions from the scientific community. This annual Call for Grant Applications is one of the principal FCT grant programs and is scheduled until 2022 as published on their website.

On the opening day of applications, January 28th, the application form and the submission guidelines were published on the Grant Program’s webpage. Applications shall be submitted in English via the FCT Project Call Portal.

The budgets for all grant applications are subject to previous ICNOVA approval.
The internal pre-approval deadline is February 20th.
Send to the email address