WEAVE – new ICNOVA project

The European WEAVE project, acronym for Widen European Access to Cultural Communities via Europeana, aims provide support for meeting the challenges faced by the most intangible types of cultural heritage by developing a digital platform to bolster connections between the material and immaterial heritage of specific cultural communities in each of the partner countries. It will promote the preservation of the priceless value of this heritage and safeguard the transmission of at-risk cultural practices in the most peripheral communities, while making them more accessible by way of “Europeana”.

The WEAVE consortium comprises twelve partners from eight European countries, is funded by the European Commission (CEF-Telecom program) and coordinated by IN2 Digital Innovations in Germany. Portuguese partners (FCSH, FCT and Associação Pedexumbo) are coordinated by Profª Carla Fernandes, Principal Investigator at ICNOVA, who will also guide the grantees.