The Great Illusion

A series of in-depth reports on the European extreme right returns in April. Episode 3 – “The Skeleton came out of the closet” – to be aired on April 1. Episode 4 – “The Godfather, Godmother and Spanish Neighbor” – is scheduled for April 6th and the last in the series – “Dollar Signs and Other Demons” 2nd edition – will be broadcast on April 14th. These episodes explore the political terrain of the neighboring parties to Chega. In Italy we have identified clear and wide-ranging connections between Matteo Salvini’s Lega and the political heritage of Benito Mussolini, the founder of fascism. A deep study of the ideas of the Spanish party VOX uncovered the marks of Francisco Franco.  In Portugal we observe the influence of Salazar’s discourse on André Ventura which has molded a party with erratic ideas and without ideology.  In France, it was discovered how the extreme right infiltrated the “Yellow Vests” movement and the proximity that Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Union, formerly the National Front, tried to create with a popular movement that was striving to be non-partisan.