New ICNOVA publication: “Para uma história do jornalismo em Portugal — II”/Towards a History of Portuguese Journalism — II

A new ICNOVA collection entitled Towards a History of Portuguese Journalism — II, edited by Carla Baptista, Jorge Pedro Sousa and Celiana Azevedo is available via open access.

Towards a History of Portuguese Journalism volume II is part of the project with the same title initiated in 2019, financed by FCT. The 28 chapters partially translate the papers presented at the II international conference organized by ICNOVA in October 2020, in Lisbon. Divided into 9 parts, it presents research developed around the topics of journalism history, history of the press, history of the news agencies, history of iconographic journalism, of radio journalism, television journalism, cyber journalism, and of Portuguese journalism in the world. Mostly based in Portugal, it also includes texts about newspapers published in Macau and the United States. Ranging from the XIX to the XXI century, it approaches topics like the training of journalists, the main news magazines during monarch, republican and democratic regimes, the legal and political conditions surrounding the profession, and multiple case studies focused on publications or protagonists. Some texts are grounded in contemporary problematics, such as dig- ital photography, the ombudsmen’s experience in the public radio, and sensationalistic journalistic practices in the private television channels. This book contributes to a better understanding of historical events and trends, involving legal, economic, political, and cultural conditions influencing journalistic production and reception.