The films produced during the Special Audiovisual Workshop for Pre-Doctoral Students at the Technische Universität Berlin (TU-Berlin) are now available.

The workshop took place between February and March for students from developing countries who are part of the doctoral preparatory program of the “Global Center for Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability” (GCSMUS) at the Technische Universität Berlin (TU-Berlin).

With 100% virtual workshop meetings, the participants (from countries like Botswana, Egypt, Iran, Macedonia, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, and Zambia) worked together from different places of the world. After three weeks of contact with audiovisual production content, they had a little more than a week to conceive, produce, shoot and edit the films that can already be accessed through the ICNOVA and NUPEPA channels:

The project is part of the activities of the Audiovisual Production and Research Center (NUPEPA) and is supported by the Nova Communication Institute (NOVA) and the Social Research Laboratory (USP). The project is part of doctoral research in progress at ICNOVA, under the coordination of the Ph.D. students Allan Herison Ferreira and Ana Carolina Trevisan, with the supervision of Prof. Carla Baptista (ICNOVA/NOVA FCSH) and Prof. Álvaro Comin (LAPS/USP).

We thank Professors Katleen De Flander, Thando Tillmann, and Ignacio Castillo from TU Berlin, and Professor Fraya Frehse (FFLCH-USP) for supporting this project, which has been essential to its development.