DMSI 2021: new media art as therapy

The Digital Media Summer Institute (DMSI) 2021 is a hybrid immersive 4-day event aimed at the collaborative development of research projects that bring together art, technology, and science.

Leo Tolstoy once said that art “is a means of union among men, joining them together in the same feelings, and indispensable for the life and progress toward well-being of individuals and humanity.” More recently, Alain de Botton and John Armstrong wrote a book called “Art as Therapy,” where they call for the necessity to rethink the uses of art. They suggest exploring the therapeutic potential for artworks, framing them according to a psychological method that invites us to align our deeper selves with artworks. The truth is art can help us to recognise emotions that are hidden in our subconscious.

This year’s edition of the DMSI aims to create new media artworks that can function as therapeutic tools. Plus, the artworks will be presented at a future “therapeutic” Digital Media Art Festival, in Portugal, where the gallery visitors will be the “patients” looking to be “treated” by the artworks.

This event will take place at iNOVA Media Lab, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal – 13 to 16 September 2021.

The 12 participants will receive mentoring and guidance from experts in the area such as André Rocha (IPL), Carla Nave (UNL), Massimo Menichinelli (Politecnico di Milano), Rodrigo Carvalho (BorisChimp504/Openfield), Sara Albuquerque (Lusófona) and Tânia Costa (Instituto Criap).

The event is free for students of the Digital Media Doctoral Program (UNL/UP) and the Master in New Media and Web Practices (FCSH/UNL). For students from other institutions, the price will be 20 euros. For everyone else, the price will be 40 euros. Apply until August 8th, 2021.

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