Attention and Choreographic Thinking, Inside “Procrastination School, a study”

The next session of the Permanent Seminar on Performance and Cognition is on March 4, at 5 pm, in room 209 of CAN, and is proposed by Sílvia Pinto Coelho (Choreographer, researcher at ICNOVA) and presented by Carlos Oliveira (Choreographer).
With this session, we intend to inaugurate the return to the presential activity of the P&C group at CAN, sharing with you, and with whoever else wants to join, the latest experiences of Sílvia Pinto Coelho trying to integrate them in the context of “Artistic Research”.
Although we didn’t find people who are very sure about what is meant by the term “artistic research”.
It begins to seem urgent to us that we look at the question head-on in the Portuguese university context.

Despite having taken a parallel path – “artistic activity” | “academic activity” with a theoretical doctorate in Communication Sciences – it is very immediate for SPC to think of the various modes of research and knowledge sharing in an interconnected way. How to start, each time, a method, and how not to lose credibility in the meanders of science?

On the table will be projects like: “Attention and Choreographic Thinking”, “Procrastination School”, “reading groups” and “Procrastination Marathon”.

Sílvia Pinto Coelho (1975). Choreographer, a researcher at ICNOVA and visiting assistant professor at the FCSH. She has a doctorate and a master’s degree in Communication Sciences, a degree in Anthropology and a bachelor’s degree in Dance. Since 1996 she choreographed and participated in research processes, pedagogy, and films with collaborators from various areas.