Re(com)figurations: Anywhere, somewhere else, everywhere, anywhere


The most awaited moment by the participants of the Re(com)figurations workshop finally arrives next 19th and 20th of May with the placement of ephemeral geodesic landmarks, built by the sculptor Helena Elias through different collaborative processes, next to the places marked by memories and experiences of the inhabitants of Trafaria.

This proposal by Helena Elias, which is also a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, was developed within the scope of the investigations carried out in the FCT Photo Impulse project, based at ICNOVA with the coordination of the researcher Teresa Mendes Flores. The workshop starts from the discussions around the notion of border raised by the photographs of border delimitations in the former overseas territories, studied by the Photo Impulse project, but instead it builds an emotional map.

We invite everyone to take this walk to the memorable territories of Trafaria on the 19th and 20th of May. The meeting point will be at 10:30 am next to the boats departure, in Trafaria.

Please send an email to and make an inscription (recommended but not mandatory).

This initiative is part of the programming of the European T-Factor project and also had the support of Santa Casa da Misericórdia da Trafaria.