New Comunicação e Linguagens Journal on “Regimes of Transparency“

The new number of the Comunicação e Linguagens Journal on “Regimes of Transparency“, edited by Maria Lucília Marcos (1958-2022) and Diogo Ferreira, is now available.

With this thematic issue of RCL, we wish to reflect on the ontological, aesthetic, ethical and political consequences of the rise of the “regimes of transparency”. This means that we will consider a specific constellation of apparatuses and subjectivities that in present times is structured  around  the  concept  of  “transparency”  —  not  as  a mere  “ideal”  to  be  realized  via  historical  progress,  but as  a  concrete  and  ordered  experience  of  the  visible,  that imposes itself in many different ways on individuals and collectivities.  It is a relevant subject fo communication and media studies, since the transparent may assume the forms of the public and the immediate, of that which “appears” apparently free of the negativity of secrecy or mediation — thus, one can understand those that denounce the “ideological form” of transparency (Clare Birchall) or the threat of an “inferno of the same” (Byung-Chul Han) that seems to loom over this concept.  In the (supposed) aftermath of a global pandemic that both legitimized and intensified the development of new laws, techniques and practices of visibility, there is an urgent need for a critical consideration of the politics of transparency, its persistent opacities, and the ways of seeing that it reproduces.