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Articles in journals
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Araújo, B. & Prior, H. (2020). Framing Political Populism: The Role of Media in Framing the Election of Jair Bolsonaro, Journalism Practice.  doi10.1080/17512786.2019.1709881 SCOPUS

Barreto, A. M. (2020). Measuring Brand Equity with Social Media. Revista Prisma Social: revista de investigación social, (28), 74-85. SCOPUS

García-Jiménez, A., Ponte, C., Ortega-Mohedan, F. (Eds.).(2020). Children, youth and media in the era of smart devices: Risks, threats and opportunities. Revista Comunicar, XXVIII(64).  SCOPUS, WoS

Medeiros, M. (2020). Other Photo-GeographiesThe rise of Portuguese photography in the 1990s and 2000s. Photographies, 13(1), 61-83. doi: 10.1080/17540763.2019.1700673  SCOPUS

Noronha, E. C. C. e Silveirinha, M.J. (2020). “A Room of One’s Own” in the digital age: post-feminism and news for women on plataform Delas. Comunicação Pública, 15 (28).

Omena, J..J.; Rabello, E & Mintz, A. (forthcoming). Digital Methods for Hashtag Engagement Research. Social Media & Society, special issue: Studying Instagram beyond selfies. [Paper accepted for publication, to be published in January 2020]. SCOPUS

Omena, J..J. and Granado, A. (2020). Call into the platform! Merging platform grammatization and practical knowledge to study digital networks.  Journal ICONO14,  18(1), 89-122. doi:10.7195/ri14.v18i1.1436 SCOPUS, WoS

Tavares, A.F.Q. e Barreto, A.M. (2020). The Impact of the External Communication of GNR in the Perception of Liberty and Security. Comunicação Pública, 15 (28).

Torres, R. (2020). Diálogos entre Ernesto de Sousa e a Poesia Experimental Portuguesa. Revista do CESP, 40(63), 107-126. doi: 10.17851/2359-0076.40.63.107-126

Torres, R. and Tisseli, E. (2020). In Defense of the Difficult. Electronic Book Review. doi: 10.7273/y2vs-1949

Vicente, P.N., Lucas, M., Carlos, V. et al. (2020).  Higher education in a material world: Constraints to digital innovation in Portuguese universities and polytechnic institutes. Educ Inf Technol . SCOPUS, WoS