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ICNOVA Channel

ICNOVA Channel is the new platform for disseminating content in the area of ​​Communication Sciences and Digital Media. It aggregates conferences, open classes and other audiovisual materials that result from the research and dissemination activities of this unit.

Webinar Series | Epistemologies of Vision in the Colonial Visual Archive (Photo Impulse Project)

Professor Richard Cleminson (University of Leeds, United Kingdom) 
October 13 at 3:30 pm, via Zoom
“Races and their places: metropolitan and colonial orders in Portugal and the Portuguese Empire”

Open classes

April, 21, 18 h
Festival Política: programação e promoção 
Edson Athayde (CEO & Creative Director, FCB Lisboa)
Rui Marques (Organizador do Festival, Diretor Adjunto do jornal Meios & Publicidade)
Moderadora: Dora Santos Silva (ICNOVA/NOVA.FCSH)
Organizadora: Ivone Ferreira (ICNOVA/NOVA FCSH)


22 de abril, 18 horas  
Manipulação e Competência. (Alguns) Mecanismos estratégicos do texto publicitário
Eduardo Camilo (UBI/LABCOM)
Organizadora: Ivone Ferreira (ICNOVA/NOVA.FCSH)

II Doctoral Winter School on Communication Sciences and Digital Media

Febrary 7, 2020

Prof. Andrew Chadwick (Profehttps://www.icnova.fcsh.unl.pt/wp-admin/post.php?post=30229&action=edit#ssor of Political Communication in the Department of Communication and Media at Loughborough University Director of the Online Civic Culture Centre (O3C) Topic: “Toward a Richer Understanding of the Problem of Indeterminacy in Digital Culture”.